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Here it is…no brainer, done for you PCOS Meal Plans! This means that all you have to do is shop! This is so important to any woman trying to manage her PCOS. If you’re one of those women then you KNOW what I’m talking about.


I Know The Best Way To Eat For PCOS!

With all of the information out there on how to eat right for your PCOS, WHO KNOWS WHAT’S RIGHT? Well, I happen to know the BEST way to eat for PCOS. It’s been proven in my life and in the lives of women who work with me and not only do they say the meals are delicious, but they are seeing changes! The PCOS meal plan will begin reversing your PCOS symptoms, help you to lose weight, clear up skin and hair issues, increase your energy levels and increase your fertility!

Need A Jumpstart Or Motivation To Start A New Way Of Eating?

So, maybe you think you have a handle on this whole PCOS eating thing and maybe you just need confirmation or the push to stay motivated with a plan. The Meal Plan is designed so that you don’t really have to think about anything. For 6-weeks, all you will need to do is shop!

You Will LEARN How To Eat Right For Your PCOS

During this 6-week time frame, Becky will coach you through the process of healthy PCOS eating.


  • How to prepare your kitchen properly for PCOS cooking
  • Which items to always have on hand
  • How to navigate the grocery store for successful PCOS shopping
  • Which foods are good for your PCOS and which foods to RUN from
  • How to get creative in your own kitchen beyond the 6-weeks

You WILL Save Money With The Meal Plan!

Despite what others think or might tell you, shopping for PCOS is NOT more expensive and CAN be done on a budget. I’ve proven it. If you don’t believe me, check out my PCOS Shopping Experiment. I live by this ladies and I would NOT teach this to you or offer the meal plans if I didn’t KNOW they will absolutely change your life. Literally!

They REALLY Do Taste Great!

If you’re worried that you’re too picky to enjoy the luxury of something like this, you’re wrong. I work with the pickiest women and there are PLENTY of recipes to choose from. The recipes are gluten-free and low-dairy. They can all be modified to fit the strictest of diet restrictions.

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The meal plans are yummy! The food is not only “regular” food but Becky teaches you about what you want to eat to help you tackle the symptoms of PCOS. Even though I chose to do gluten AND dairy free I still don’t feel like I am missing anything.

It is also inspiring to see results when I have tried so many diets and gimmicks and none of them worked. This is a lifestyle. It is a permanent change. It works!


Lucy Testimonial Get Your CROWN Meal Plan Today!“The meal plans? Delicious. If it can pass the man test, it’s a good meal. You feel less bloated after a week.”





Screen shot 2013 02 28 at 10.18.30 PM Get Your CROWN Meal Plan Today!“I LOVE the meal plans! There hasn’t been a meal I didn’t enjoy. The recipes satisfy every craving and incorporate the RIGHT type of foods so you feel satisfied.”






Screen shot 2013 02 28 at 10.18.38 PM Get Your CROWN Meal Plan Today!The meal plans are amazing I’ve been given free reign to cook again. I feel more confident my hair is looking great and healthy again, and for once I don’t feel overly tired I finally have control to say I’m not going to eat those processed food I’m taking care of me.”



Looking forward to cooking up healthy PCOS recipes with you ladies! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or hesitations you have. I’m more than happy to answer them and I’d love to chat with you!


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Johanna February 6, 2014 at 9:36 PM

What is specifically included in the meal plans? How many breakfasts, lunches, dinner, snack recipes are included? Thanks for your time!


Becky Miller February 22, 2014 at 5:26 PM

The meal plans are COMPLETE with shopping lists, kitchen guides and meals for breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 6 full weeks.


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