Glucorein Part 2: The Interview

by Becky Miller on February 9, 2013

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Glucorein PCOS seems to be quite the buzz lately and in my opinion, rightfully so.  The product is so new and no one had any real, long-term experience taking Glucorein PCOS. Plus, your interests were peaked about what it could do for PCOS weight loss. So, I decided to dig a little bit deeper and find out from the source what we could expect from this PCOS supplement.

Susan and Martha have both been excellent resources for this interview because of their knowledge base and because of their experiences. Not only are they affiliated with Napa Valley Nutritionals, the organization that produces Glucorein PCOS,but also both of them have PCOS. From one Cyster to another, that is worth its weight in gold, would you agree?

I had the opportunity to interview Susan who is the contact for Glucorein PCOS. I was delighted to pick her brain for answers to my own, as well as your, curiosities. Having personal experience taking Glucorein PCOS and hearing from some of you who do as well, I will approach our topics of discussion from all angles. Theirs and ours.

In this two-part follow-up, you will receive all of the questions to our answers as well as the personal story of a brave PCOS cyster, who probably has more experience taking Glucorein and Glucorein PCOS than anybody out there. To catch part 3, keep eyes peeled for March’s Newsletter.

Please be reminded that CROWN’s responses are based on the opinions and experiences of Becky Miller and a handful of those ‘under her care.’ They are in no way the views and opinions of Napa Valley Nutritionals. CROWN and Becky Miller are not paid spokespersons for Napa Valley Nutritionals or Glucorein PCOS.

The Interview

NVN: Napa Valley Nutritionals

CROWN: Becky Miller

Can Glucorein PCOS safely be taken with other supplements that are typical to women with PCOS? For example, Pregnitude, Chasteberry (Vitex), Magnesium and Chromium?


NVN: Yes. There are no drug-to-drug interactions and no contraindications. You can’t over dose on Glucorein PCOS.

CROWN:  I have not experienced, nor received any information from those ‘under my care’ that Glucorein PCOS produces negative side effects in conjunction with the use of othernatural (see next question)supplements.

Is it even safe to take with Metformin?


NVN: Yes.

CROWN: I will only comment on the experiences and not the safety of taking Glucorein PCOS in conjunction with Metformin. It has been experienced that in taking Glucorein PCOS in conjunction with Metformin, in this case 500 mg 3x/day, some concerning side effects were noted.

  • Concerns of ‘bottoming out’ or sudden plummets of blood sugar levels were reported.
  • Increase in the frequency of urination, which is typically a sign of higher blood glucose levels, was reported.
  • Burning sensations in the stomach and esophagus were reported.

There are three possible scenarios as to why these side effects occurred:

1) One Cyster, in this instance, was titrating off of Metformin. In the pharmaceutical world, titrating, or continuously adjusting the balance of a drug, off of Metformin is not necessary. Patients can simply stop taking Metformin without any health complications. Slowly reducing the amount of Metformin in her system could have been a reaction specific to a PCOS patient taking Metformin as it does have larger effects on the hormone, endocrine and insulin regulation systems leading to feelings of ‘bottoming out’ and frequent urination.

2) Perhaps the simple inclusion of Glucorein PCOS caused temporary side effects with no respect to the combination with Metformin.

3) Metformin’s elimination half-life could have been affected by Glucorein PCOS. Stay with me. The half-life of a drug like Metformin is the period of time required for the amount and concentration of drug (metformin) in the body to be reduced by half. Metformin is not metabolized by the body and is therefore eliminated by secretion in urine. It is measured in our bodies through blood plasma and red blood cell levels.  The elimination half-life of Metformin from plasma is on average, 6.2 hours and from red blood cells 17.6 hours, for a single oral dose. Perhaps there was an interaction between Metformin and Glucorein PCOS that was causing the Metformin to ‘hang out’ in the system longer then it is supposed to, causing serious gastrointestinal and esophageal upset.

Remember that these are the experiences of CROWN subjects and not the findings of Napa Valley Nutritionals. I advised my client to pick one or the other and to stop using them together. She chose to immediately stop taking Metformin and solely use Glucorein PCOS. Her symptoms subsided and she is experiencing increased energy and carbohydrate craving control similar to that of her former Metformin dose.

Also, remember that Napa Valley Nutritionals suggests that in order to see complete symptom relief, you must utilize Glucorein PCOS for about 2-4 months. These positive outcomes are addressed in a separate question in this interview.

It is my personal recommendation that those wishing to replace Metformin with Glucorein should try them together at first, titrating off of Metformin over the course of 2-3 weeks. Within 6-8 weeks you can take Metformin away, at which point the Glucorein PCOS should be completely in the system. If you try them together and experience same, similar or other adverse side effects, make a choice to be committed to the Glucorein PCOS. There will be uncomfortable days until the Glucorein gets in the system, but you will see relief. Hang in there!

How does it perform against Metformin?


NVN: Studies on N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) are promising. (See my initial post on Glucorein for more information on NAC.) Its performance can be similarly compared to Metformin. Napa Valley Nutritionals reports that the chlorogenic acid blocks the absorption of glucose directly into the blood stream and diverts it to more distal parts. Unlike Metformin, Glucorein will not cause the common side effect of ‘bottoming out’ to produce symptoms of low blood sugar. (Symptoms include jitters, sweating, increased heartbeat, feelings of unsteadiness and cold, clammy skin.)

CROWN: I have not been taking Glucorein PCOS long enough to give a completely fair assessment. I will say that, weight management, digestion, energy and carbohydrate cravings improvements are already noticeably managed with Glucorein PCOS in CROWN women.

Are there any known allergies or interactions to the beverage?


NVN: None known of. Chlorogenic acid is naturally occurring in many other substances. Those ‘other’ substances are usually in doses of 100 mg. you’ll need about 10 of those to the 1 dose of Glucorein PCOS that contains 1 gram. That’s equivalent to 7 cups of coffee. So there could possible be gastric upset, but we haven’t see it in any of our findings yet.

CROWN: Neither I, nor any CROWN ladies have spoken about any other allergies or interactions with Glucorein PCOS.

If chlorogenic acid is just a derivative of the green coffee bean (robusto coffee), why can’t I just drink a lot of Robusto coffee? Will it provide the same effects as the chlorogenic acid in Glucorein PCOS?


NVN: I guess you could. You wouldn’t get NAC component of Glucorein. (More on the benefits on NAC in my recent Glucorein PCOS post.) You would probably need to drink 10 cups of coffee to get the same dose as Glucorein PCOS. Glucorein PCOS gives a therapeutic dose of chlorogenic acid.

CROWN: There are many adverse side effects of too much caffeine and not to mention, when would we ever sleep? I don’t think I want to subject my stomach to such risk

Is there a ‘key’ active ingredient in Glucorein PCOS that works more for women with PCOS?


NVN: It’s a combination of both the chlorogenic acid and the NAC. Napa Valley Nutritionals initially started manufacturing and marketing Glucorein, not Glucorein PCOS, for diabetics. That product only contains chlorogenic acid as an active ingredient.

CROWN: Read more about the benefits of both active ingredients in my previous Glucorein Post.

Why is Glucorein seemingly so highly regulated with a ‘clinician code?’


NVN: Glucorein PCOS is not available over the counter, they’re a medical food. Other supplements are not regulated at all and Glucorein PCOS is produced and manufactured in a ‘current good manufacturing practice’ (CGMP) facility. They are more highly regulated. Also, Napa Valley Nutritionals is reaching out to the OBGYN community and have chosen to have a clinician code. They believe in their product and are trying to protect the reputation of their product. 

CROWN: A product regulated by a clinician code is fine by me. I’m all for good standards. Napa Valley Nutritionals has taken measures to ensure that we receive a quality product.

With the Glucorein PCOS Baby Contest running, what successes has Napa Valley Nutritionals seen so far, in regard to conception?


NVN: Well, we don’t measure success based on pregnancy. The baby contest began because we had several women testify that they fell pregnant upon taking Glucorein PCOS. So, naturally, Napa Valley Nutritionals launched the baby contest as a marketing tool with compelling stories. The papers that show data for fertility are being launched in February.  

CROWN:  I have no knowledge of CROWN testimonies of women who’ve conceived with Glucorein PCOS, yet. It is my belief that with long-term use of Glucorein PCOS, CROWN women will begin to see more conceptions. Stay plugged in to receive the Napa Valley Nutritionals fertility reports as they become available.

Is Glucorein monitoring any other positive outcomes in symptoms common to women with PCOS?


NVN: Well, the proof is in the pudding. From our current data collection from customer testimonials, here is what we have so far:

  • Glucorein PCOS is bringing back menstrual cycles. We have a very good track record for this.
  • Decreases in free testosterone within 6-8 weeks of starting Glucorein PCOS.
  • Decreases in alopecia, decreases in hair falling out and reports of new hair growth.
  • Acne is also positively affected. Insulin resistance factors are decreasing. Free testosterone is decreasing, therefore improving skin.
  • Research says Glucorein PCOS should decrease hirsutism, but we haven’t actually seen it in many testimonials yet.
  • Ovulation and fertility are positively affected. At our big launch at this year’s American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) conference we’re looking at ovulation, pregnancy, menses return and weight loss further with the OBGYN practitioner community.
  • Weight loss that is measured at approximately 5 lbs. in a month. Chlorogenic acid and therefore Glucorein PCOS is being touted as the new all natural weight loss product. 1 g of chlorogenic suppresses about 35% of caloric intake.

CROWN: We will be able to speak more to this question as we reach a more long-term level of use. For now, our experiences will remain as stated above to include increase in energy levels, weight management and craving control similar to that of Metformin.

Is Glucorein safe for use during pregnancy?


NVN: You can continue it’s use, but when you’re pregnant you’re using the pituitary gland. Hormones are different during pregnancy than when not. There may not be a need for Glucorein PCOS.

CROWN: It is quite possible that your PCOS symptoms do ‘disappear’ during pregnancy and even a ways into breast-feeding. I’ve heard this from several CROWN ladies. It was a personal experience of two CROWN ladies that hormones ‘normalized’ and that they felt completely different…’bliss’ while pregnant. Could this be what life without PCOS might feel like, ladies? If this is true, we can expect that the only reason one might consider continuing Glucorein PCOS during pregnancy would be for the management and risk reduction of gestational diabetes. I urge you to discuss this option with your physician.

Metformin has been said to reduce risk for gestational diabetes and possibly increase breast milk production, which is a common issue with PCOS. Will Glucorein PCOS help reduce risk of gestational diabetes and improve breast milk production?


NVN: It’s all-natural, so there is no issue with pregnancy.  There is also no caffeine in Glucorein PCOS.  We are unsure about the breast milk issue.

CROWN: It is my understanding that gestational diabetes is caused by complications related to high blood sugar levels. In treating gestational diabetes the goal is to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits. You can read the full Glucorein post to see that in my research, chlorogenic acid slows the release of glucose into the blood stream, which has positive effects on insulin regulation. Since this seems to be the issue that is related to gestational diabetes, Glucorein PCOS sounds as if it should help with gestational diabetes.

I will further research complications in producing breast milk with PCOS. My response will be included in next month’s newsletter.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?


NVN: In reference to our last questions, many PCOS patients have a resistance to clomid, which is commonly used to treat infertility. Glucorein PCOS should be considered an alternative to clomid in regards to fertility.

CROWN: As I always say, if there’s a competitive natural alternative, always choose that one over conventional medicine.

Final Thoughts

I’m extremely optimistic to the idea of replacing Metformin with Glucorein PCOS. I am grateful for the opportunity to give our bodies a chance at a truly all-natural alternative.

If you’re interested in trying Glucorein I encourage you to do so. The active ingredients in Glucorein PCOS have been highly studied and are very promising.

With that said, as with any PCOS supplement, complete symptom relief canNOT be achieved through the use of supplements and medical food (Glucorein PCOS) alone. Proper eating habits, healthy exercise and other lifestyle changes MUST be incorporated. You don’t have to live a life constantly ‘dealing’ with PCOS. It CAN effectively be managed. You have to believe that to make any progress.

Catch Part 3 of the Glucorein story.  It goes out in my next e-mail Newsletter.

If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes, PCOS CROWN is an amazing place to start. I am committed to complete transformation of your PCOS and my ladies would testify to that.

Contact Becky for more information on CROWN’s Coaching Programs. 

If you’re interested in trying Glucorein, you’re in the right spot! Everything you need to know and order is right here!

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