Glucorein PCOS Part 3: A Success Story

by Becky Miller on March 1, 2013

PCOS Treatment – Glucorein PCOS

In recent months PCOS has been receiving more coverage and attention than ever before. There are tons of new options for PCOS treatment out there and I’ve documented the latest PCOS supplement in a three part series. Glucorein PCOS is an up and coming supplement that is touted to perform on blood glucose regulation ‘as well as metformin.’ With it being so new on the market, there were a lot of sources to contact to find out how Glucorein really works for women with PCOS.

If you’ve been following the Glucorein PCOS series you know that I’ve been in contact with two women who have been taking Glucorein for 2 years now. There is nobody out there who has more experience taking this hot, new PCOS supplement. I’ve asked one of those beautiful ladies to share her story. Like many women with PCOS are, she was eager to give back to the PCOS community. We are a pretty special bunch of ladies. I believe you will identify with many aspect of her story because as much as we are different in our PCOS, we are also very much the same.

Here is her PCOS story and her experience with Glucorein PCOS.


Screen shot 2013 02 26 at 3.19.29 PM Glucorein PCOS Part 3: A Success StoryMyPCOS Story…

As most PCOS stories start…my story starts out with frustration.  I was diagnosed at 24.  I had started my period normally, but then in college I noticed that they slowed down and were almost non-existent.  I chalked it up to physical activity and not eating right.  Those that I confided in would brush it off, stating that it probably had to do with a type-A personality and stress.  And I believed them.

I married young and it wasn’t until I started to think about starting a family that I brought up my concerns to my physician.  I thought it was kind of odd that you can be married 3 years and never use contraceptives and yet never conceive.  Through many tests it was confirmed – I had PCOS.  The doctor offered two roads – going on “the pill” to regulate my period or, if I wanted to get pregnant, start the fertility process with Clomid.  I chose Clomid.  And thus the monthly cycle of negative pregnancy tests and disappointment began.  After nine long months on Clomid (I started at 50 mg and ended at 400 mg), my OBGYN said “I can’t get you to ovulate.  You need to see a specialist.”  So on I went.  Doctor after Doctor.  Specialist after specialist.  Hoping they would say something different.  Hoping that during each interaction I would learn something more.  Maybe they forgot to tell me something.  There had to be more out there than just fertility meds and the pill.  So on went the tests and the pills.  From laproscopic surgery to injections to a hysterosalpingogram.  After 4 long years, still no pregnancy.  I was tired, exhausted actually.

I thought I had an advantage, I was a pharmaceutical rep.  I mean, seeing close to 10 OBGYNs a day, I was bound to stumble on one that had the answers about PCOS.  I found out that Glucophage was being used off label for PCOS symptoms and I would beg for a prescription from my OBGYN.  But they refused.  Stating that because I wasn’t a diabetic that the Glucophage could make me go Hypoglycemic.  Basically “if I give you Glucophage and you bottom out as you are driving home in your car, your blood is on my hands”.  So there I was, with no answers – just a long list of frustrations.  Why weren’t there more answers?

And so I decided that being a Mom mattered more to me than getting pregnant, so I adopted.  I was done with the pursuit of pregnancy – now I just wanted to be healthy.  Reality is, the more I learned about PCOS, the more frightened I became.  I was aware that PCOS patients had a much higher rate of diabetes and uterine cancer.  I sat down with my OBGYN when I was 36 and he once again laid out my options to regulate my period – the pill, or progesterone.  I explained that I wasn’t looking to get pregnant and I had no interest in being on the pill, so I was choosing not to treat my PCOS.  He explained that WASN’T an option.  I reluctantly started taking Progesterone every 3 months to bring on a period.

Enter Glucorein.  I started taking Glucorein because it was all-natural and I knew it was helping pre-diabetics and diabetics control their blood sugar.  I knew that by naturally decreasing the insulin resistance that was causing my PCOS, I could reduce my free testosterone and maybe, just maybe, I could regulate my cycle without drugs.  After 6 weeks on Glucorein, I had my period on my own without the use of drugs.   After 2 months, I had lost 8 pounds and noticed sprouts of new hair growth.  I couldn’t believe that the symptoms I had fought for so many years were now lessening.  After 4 months there was such distinct hair growth that my hairdresser asked if I had cut my own bangs.  It has now been 10 months and I have regular cycles ever since.  Glucorein PCOS has allowed me to manage my disease state drug-free.

-Susan Derence

If you want to learn more about how Glucorein PCOS is helping women or if you’re ready to give it a try, there are a few options for obtaining it. Please check out, “Tried Glucorein Yet?’ for complete detailed ordering information.

Glucorein PCOS is best used when in conjunction with a complete PCOS lifestyle. To learn more about what that means, contact Becky. I’d love to to hear from you!

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