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You CAN learn to eat for your PCOS health, find your hormonal balance, learn the benefits of proper exercise, sleep, self-care, and ultimately discover what COMPLETE PCOS health feels like! Most importantly you can feel WHOLLY restored in all areas of life. Spirit, mind and body. All in the midst of a supportive, encouraging, and educational environment, led by PCOS Health Coach, Becky Miller. 

Make Your  PCOS Goals A Reality

I’m happy to announce the Spring Session of CROWN’s Group Coaching Program! This is THE most affordable, all-natural and most effective PCOS Coaching program out there. Why? Because women are learning to tackle ALL aspects of their PCOS to achieve COMPLETE PCOS HEALTH! It is my absolute honor to be able to serve you ladies with this program!

If your PCOS symptoms are out of control or you just want to get to a place where PCOS doesn’t run your life, this is the program for you. Of course it’s important to learn all of the physical aspects of dealing with your PCOS and you will in this program. But even more than that, women’s lives are literally being transformed from the inside out because we’re dealing with PCOS with spiritual and mind changes at the center of the program. I believe that when we have a healthy and restored spirit, it will bring us physical PCOS healing, too!

The Group Coaching Program is the perfect way to make your goals for greater PCOS health a reality. Your PCOS health doesn’t have to be put on hold for any reason. If you’re looking for a way to feel better and restore your body to balance, you’re going to love this Group Coaching Program. Plus, included in the Group Coaching Program is CROWN’s Spring Meal Plan!

The group program was specifically designed for women who:

  • Are looking for a more affordable rate than a private coaching program
  • Desire a COMPLETE PCOS HEALTH program, spirit, mind and body changes
  • Want to be encouraged by other women who understand what life with PCOS is like
  • Would like the accountability of a coaching program
  • Want the assistance of a PCOS health professional who is walking proof that the program works!
  • Want to live in a place where PCOS doesn’t run your life anymore

Join The Group!

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What Do You Get?

In addition to the CROWN Spring Meal Plan, the Group Coaching Program will give you everything you need to take control of your PCOS symptoms naturally and kick start your hormones for fertility, beauty, and COMPLETE PCOS HEALTH. Plus, you’ll have the added support of other PCOS beauties like yourself!

If you’re:

  • Wanting to gain control over your PCOS Symptoms naturally
  • Feeling defeated because PCOS feels like it’s controlling your life
  • Tired of not knowing what is right for your PCOS health
  • Fearful of trying this program because nothing else has worked before
  • Looking to save money by LEARNING TO plan meals that WILL help you feel better
  • Busy and lack the energy to live your life to it’s fullest
  • Constantly hungry for foods that you know are not helping you feel better
  • Anxious to start a family but can’t
Then you NEED to sign up for this Group Coaching Program. This program will give you all the tools you need to start tackling your PCOS. Plus, if you sign up for the Group Coaching Program by March 7, 2014 you can claim the discounted rate of $100 per month! The price will increase after this date and this price is even scary for me to offer! But I want you to be able to join because I believe in this program so much!

How Does It Work?

In a telegroup setting, you’ll be connected with Becky Miller through  3 PCOS Power Packed months of bi-weekly coaching sessions, totaling 6 sessions.
This group will run from Mid March 2014 through Early June. The schedule will be semi-flexible so there is no need to worry about missing a date for personal reasons. This is THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!
This is a pre-order and other dates and program specifics will be detailed to participants via e-mail when they register. Make sure and register early to receive the discounted rate! Contact Becky at becky@pcoshealthcoach for more information.

                 Join The Group!

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Don’t Take It From Me! See What Other Women Are Saying!

  • I’m loving the all-natural healing process that helps me manage my life with PCOS better and less painfully icon smile Group Coaching Program So thankful for finding this great coach and group program she offers to people like me, she’s a true Godsend! Excited for the beginning of my new lifestyle, healthier, happier and closer to our dream of having our own family…I’m so glad I made this decision : ) Thanks Becky Miller! Also, I have to say ladies, I’ve never been so excited & had so much fun cooking dinner every night! When everything is fresh & so good & beauitful, I feel like I’m making a creation of art that looks amazing, tastes amazing & is just what my body needs! Lovin it! -Crystal M


  • This program takes a completely natural approach by incorporating vitamins and nutritional food that helps reverse PCOS. I’ve learned an incredible amount about PCOS that my doctor and specialist never told me. I’ve seen amazing changes in my reproductive health. For three years I have tested my ovulation every month and have never had a postitive test. That changed last month! Not only did I show signs of ovulation last month, but I now have a regular cycle that isn’t nearly as painful as it used to be. This is huge and truly life changing! -Natalia C.


  • I wasn’t ovulating. Now I am. Naturally. It’s been a wonderful experience. Becky has given us tactics and supplements to use. The women have traded information on what works for them. The suggestions are medically backed up. What I most enjoy is the comraderie that has come out of such a terrible syndrome – the not feeling alone in this crazy world of PCOS – is simply validating. -Lucy B.



Here’s what’s happening to women in PCOS CROWN’s current Group Coaching Program:

  • Women have started ovulating on their own for the first time in years
  • Women are naturally starting cycles for the first time in years
  • Women are getting energy back
  • Women are actually losing weight after trying everything else
  • Women have a better relationship with food and are enjoying cooking meals that are good for PCOS
  • Women are more self-aware of the change that they can make and are actually doing it
  • Women are learning to incorporate healthy lifestyle activities that are important to PCOS
  • Women are eating right for their PCOS and their bodies are responding!
  • Women know how to shop for PCOS on a budget
  • Women are being encouraged by Biblical truths in their PCOS

Let’s Get Started! 

There are too many additional goodies in the program to mention. Did I mention that the Spring Meal Plan is included? Ones that make me giddy just thinking about it and that I know you’ll love! Joining  is simple.

1. Confirm your commitment to the program by submitting payment below

2. You will be contacted by Becky shortly after to receive further details

3. If not paying in full, your monthly payment will be set to automatically recur.

Join The Group!

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You’ll wonder how you’ve lived that way for so long once you discover COMPLETE PCOS HEALTH. I promise. CROWN’s Spring Group Coaching Program is specifically designed and tailored for ALL of your PCOS needs in the safety of an amazing group of ladies. Doesn’t get much beter than that!

You CAN learn to eat for your PCOS health, find your hormonal balance, learn the benefits of proper exercise, sleep, self-care, and ultimately discover what PCOS freedom feels like! Most importantly you can feel WHOLLY restored in all areas of life. Spirit, mind and body. All in the midst of a supportive, encouraging, and educational environment, led by PCOS Health Coach, Becky Miller. 

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