inCyst: We Are PCOS Professionals Dedicated To You

by Becky Miller on January 7, 2013

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If you haven’t heard about inCYST Institute For PCOS, I’m honored to introduce you to this organization of trained professionals. I’m so honored to announce that I’ve been added to the list of inCYST trained professionals! We are health professionals who are passionate about PCOS support and we are trained by a larger network of health professionals who are also passionate about PCOS. Does it get any better than this?

What Is inCYST?

In the words of the founder, Monika Woolsey, “inCYST is an organization devoted to promoting research about hormone disorders, in particular polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Much of the current research devoted to this disorder is funded by medical companies with financial benefit to be gained from the use of medications in treating this disorder. We believe that this slants the advice provided to women with PCOS toward a medicinal approach.

Much of the advice from the world of complementary medicine is not evidence-based, and that means much of it has potential to harm. We do believe there is potential for PCOS treatment using complementary modalities, but would like to have the information related to these treatments be as rigorously evaluated as medicines and procedures.

We aspire to raise money to support the type of research that would give valid complementary approaches scientific credibility.”

What’s So Special About Being An inCYST Trained Professional?

inCYST trained professionals have training in both medical and complementary aspects of PCOS that is unique in the specialty. They are uniquely qualified to help women with PCOS decide what combination of medical and complementary action best fits their personal situation.

This means that with the help of professionals from all walks of the PCOS community, we are making waves in treating PCOS! I’d say that’s pretty good news for us, right?

What Do They Stand For?

inCYSTS mission is “To offer proven-effective and natural solutions to problems associated with PCOS: infertility, depression, acne, hair loss, weight gain, eating disorders, and more. If we do our job right, there will be a wonderful baby boom…and we’ll put much of the diet and drug industry, not to mention ourselves…out of business.”

Now what kind of organization offers training to health professionals that puts themselves out of business? You have to agree that this organization is quite unique!

Meet Monika

Screen%20shot%202013 01 07%20at%2011.21.16%20AM inCyst: We Are PCOS Professionals Dedicated To YouI love food. I love art. I love how both bring people together who otherwise would not know they had things in common. So that is my life’s work, bringing people together to nourish their stomachs as well as their spirits.

Get Involved!

Women with PCOS can help inCYST by participating in the Power Up for PCOS 5k every September, by joining with a $25 membership which allows access to our private archives (in the process of relaunching) and participation in our private Facebook group.

Contact Becky today to chat! Yes, I’m human and available, too! I’d love to speak with you about how CROWN can help you reach your PCOS goals and dreams. We will schedule a ‘Getting To Know You’ session. It’s complimentary, why wouldn’t you?

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