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by Becky Miller on October 3, 2012

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PCOS Support

If you weren’t aware, September was PCOS Awareness Month and I’m happy to report that CROWN’s goal of getting the word out was achieved! PCOS support was given news coverage and because of the segment broadcast, 9 women were newly diagnosed with PCOS and many more are on their way to PCOS freedom.

It is possible to have PCOS and not realize it. It’s also possible to have PCOS and not take it seriously. One way is not worse than the other. Here’s why…

PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility. If you have undiagnosed PCOS, the joys of starting a family can quickly be stolen from you. PCOS also leads to many serious, chronic, and deadly diseases such as diabetes and reproductive cancers to name a few. It’s important to know you have PCOS and to be responsible with your PCOS.

View the news segment

If you think that you may have PCOS, CROWN offers a complimentary ‘Getting a Diagnosis’ packet. This is your guide to becoming your own advocate and getting on the path to proper treatment. If you’ve already been diagnosed with PCOS, it’s your responsibility to become educated and to take control of your health. CROWN is dedicated to helping women overcome the difficulties to get to complete PCOS health. 

Thank you, to Lucy Bustamante of WVEC for her coverage of PCOS during Awareness Month.


If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes, PCOS CROWN is an amazing place to start. I am committed to complete transformation of your PCOS and my ladies would testify to that.


Contact Becky for more information on CROWN’s Coaching Programs.

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