PCOS Diet Green Egg Scramble

by Becky Miller on March 17, 2013

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When I was a teacher, I used to love using Dr. Seuss during March for the famous green eggs and ham story. Now, you can use it for St. Patrick’s Day, too. I created a recipe that my students could enjoy and that we can now enjoy in our PCOS diet as well!

Don’t be grossed out by the ‘green’ egg portion of the recipe. I accomplish to green in this recipe by using fresh greens that are just absolutely amazing for nourishing your PCOS. You can get creative with the type of ‘green’ that you want to incorporate into your meal. This is an all-natural gluten and dairy-free recipe that you and your entire family will enjoy.

There are tons of fun PCOS diet friendly ways to make eggs naturally green, so share your ideas with us! Add some of your favorite veggies and mix-ins to personalize the green egg recipe below. Enjoy!

Here’s the recipe

Makes 4 Servings

15 min Prep & Cook Time

Green Sauce

1/2 baby spinach

10-12 fresh basil leaves

1 tbsp minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 EVOO


1 tbsp EVOO

8 organic eggs

Salt and pepper to taste


For sauce, combine all ingredients in a blender until well combined.

In a medium skillet, warm EVOO. Meanwhile, beat eggs with salt and pepper and begin to scramble them. Just before eggs are set and still a bit runny, stir in the green sauce and finish cooking eggs until set.

Feel free to add your personal touches to the recipe and enjoy!

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