Tried Glucorein Yet?

by Becky Miller on January 23, 2013

Glucorien Ad Tried Glucorein Yet?PCOS Weight Loss

A supplement you might be interested in.

Have you read my blog post on Glucorein? If you haven’t, you’re missing critical information when it comes to treating your PCOS. Especially in regards to PCOS weight loss and fertility.

If you have and you are ready to give it a whirl, here are your options:


  • Use CROWN’s one time use promo code to claim BUY 2 GET 1 FREE: “CROWN”

Napa Valley Nutritionals, the company that created Glucorein, recommends that PCOS patients use Glucorein for at least 3 months to see full symptom relief. Using the promo code above allows you to pay for 2 months and receive 3 months worth of Glucorein.


Call 888-259-6599 to order using the promo code.


  • Use CROWN’s Clinician Code by contacting Becky Miller.

Napa Valley Nutritionals requires PCOS patients to use Glucorein under the supervision of a Health Professional. If you’d like to order a single month or have already utilized your promo code and would like to order more, you’ll need to obtain utilize CROWN’s clinician code.


Contact Becky with the subject “Get My Glucorein.” Then visit Glucorein to order using CROWN’s clinician code. 

Contact Becky today to chat! Yes, I’m human and available, too! I’d love to speak with you about how CROWN can help you reach your PCOS goals and dreams. We will schedule a ‘Getting To Know You’ session. It’s complimentary, why wouldn’t you?

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