Walking THROUGH Life With PCOS

by Becky Miller on February 15, 2013

Screen shot 2013 02 28 at 11.55.06 PM 300x185 Walking THROUGH Life With PCOSI know you. You read a bunch of PCOS blogs and you’re a member of even more PCOS forums looking for PCOS treatment options. There is such a storm of information out there and it’s hard to know what is reliable and what is…well, not. Sound familiar?I know that feeling, ladies. Whether it appears as such, we all start somewhere with PCOS. We’ve all sat in the doctor’s office and received the diagnosis at some point in time. I’m no different from you.

So, how do we get from diagnosis to that place where you can confidently say, ‘I don’t really struggle with PCOS symptoms anymore.’? I want you to know right now that ‘walking the walk’ is a daily part of our lives as women with PCOS and from time to time we all struggle. Including me and all of those PCOS blog owners who can appear to have it all together.

PCOS Treatment

What is struggle anyways? Talking to someone who doesn’t have PCOS and trying to explain how we feel, physically and emotionally (and actually have them understand)…THAT’S a struggle! In all seriousness ladies, PCOS struggles are very unique and it’s important to continue to find strength in those places where you feel understood. For me, that is being in communication with all of you amazingly beautiful ladies and more importantly, with God.

I understand that we all draw our strength from different places and I respect that. Personally, I’ve found my healing THROUGH my struggle with PCOS treatment and that kind of healing only happens with the Ultimate Healer, Jesus. You see, without being led to walk THROUGH this process, I wouldn’t have come to know Him better. What’s of more value?

Today, I want to encourage you to continue to find ways to walk THROUGH the process of feeling better with PCOS. I believe you’ll find that THROUGH your walking the change will happen.

I’m here to support you not only in this walking THROUGH, but I’m also equipped to give you all of the Earthly knowledge that is necessary to help you to feel better with PCOS. Thank you for helping me walk THROUGH this. Stay in touch, beautiful one.


For more support contact Becky to get acquainted and see how we can further walk through this process together.

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