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I want you to know that it is my absolutely honor to have worked with each of these beautiful women. In a wonderfully backward process, they often teach me more than I set out to help them with. Beautiful souls who took a leap of faith in their PCOS treatment and are feeling better because of it. Won’t you join the ranks?

Screen shot 2013 06 06 at 1.17.15 PM 150x150 What Are Women Saying I joined the program because I have recently been diagnosed as a diabetic. I was sent to the Diabetes Class at the local hospital, but they only me how many grams of carbs and protein I should eat with each meal. This did not help me with my fasting blood sugar numbers. I was still getting 150 or higher even though I was eating the portions of carbs and protein they told me to. I needed some more guidance in what would actually work well for my PCOS and diabetes. I have learned a lot from Becky about what foods are good for my body and help make my fasting blood sugars a lot lower.

The meal plans are great! I have been quite a picky eater most of my life. It has always been difficult for me to try new foods. My husband has been surprised that I have enjoyed most of the meals in the plan. 

The meals have also shown me how much what I eat affects my blood sugar. I am happy to say that my fasting blood sugar has gone from ranging 140 to 180 to now ranging 100 to 120. I am excited to see what my A1C will be when I go back for my next check-up this month.

I hit a weight plateau for a few months before starting the program. After two months with Becky, I have started to go down past that plateau. Learning what exercises are good for me, along with what to eat, has helped a lot. I have also noticed that I am not as tired as I used to be. I am getting more restful sleep.

My overall experience has been wonderful! What initially drew me to Becky’s program is the fact that she is not afraid of her faith, as so many people are these days. I love that she incorporates God and Bible passages into the program.

Becky and the other ladies in my group have been a huge inspiration. We are all at different points in our journeys, yet we are here to encourage and pray for each other. I just love those ladies!

I would definitely recommend this program to other women, whether they have PCOS or diabetes. Becky’s knowledge and encouragement has been a great help to me. I am so thankful for everything I have learned.

-Stephanie K.

Screen shot 2013 05 08 at 10.02.46 AM 150x150 What Are Women Saying My experience so far has been amazing! 
The first thing that drew me to the program was that Becky includes the spiritual component in her coaching. We have different facets as human beings and it makes perfect sense to include them all in the process of healing our bodies. If we aren’t looking at all the different pieces how can the puzzle be complete? The second thing that drew me to the program was Becky herself. She has the same condition I do and she has developed a system that has restored her health then why wouldn’t I want to try it for myself?

So far I have seen several positive changes. I suffered from night sweats and they are completely gone. My mood swings are significantly better!  My husband has even noticed a difference in my mood swings so I am positive that this coaching program is making a huge difference in that area. My sugar levels are more stable throughout the day and BONUS I have lost around 6 pounds so far! I refer to the weight loss as a bonus because getting healthy is the priority and I know the weight loss will follow that. I can’t wait to see what else happens!

The meal plans are yummy! The food is not only “regular” food but Becky teaches you about what you want to eat to help you tackle the symptoms of PCOS. Even though I chose to do gluten AND dairy free I still don’t feel like I am missing anything.

The most inspiring thing for me about this group is the other women. When I see them overcoming hurdles in their lives and making positive changes it inspires me to push through the barriers I am facing and make the changes I need to make to heal. When I know that most of the other women in my group don’t really like to exercise but they are doing it anyway it motivates me to go ahead and exercise as well. It is also inspiring to see results when I have tried so many diets and exercise programs and gimmicks and none of them worked. This is a lifestyle. It is a permanent change. It works!

I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to other women! If whatever else you’ve tried hasn’t worked then what have you got to lose? It is transformational to be in a group of women that share your life experiences. When you talk about counting the hairs that come out of your head or how excited you are that your sister is pregnant but you are secretly sad at the same time or that you have a love hate relationship with your scale, these women will understand and relate. You can talk about your experience of PCOS with people who get it without having to figure out how much to tell the person to explain your condition without telling them too much information. I believe God picked this group out especially for me and blessed me with their presence in my life. He will do the same for you.

-Donna D.

Lucy Testimonial What Are Women Saying I was curious. I wanted to see what Becky had to offer after meeting her in a professional setting. She spoke about her coaching program. I knew that after years of covering this syndrome there is NO support group that offers education at such an intinmate level. It’s truly a lonely sydrome that’s confused for so many other things. You don’t get the support you need until you join a fertility support group – and that means PCOS has gotten the best of you at that stage. She teaches you what physicians don’t know to advise yet.

My thoughts on the group coaching program: The aspect that I have a group of women going through it with me. Women need a sense of community in general. But a sense of community in this respect is a lifeline and a light through a dark, DARK tunnel.

The meal plans? Delicious. If it can pass the man test, it’s a good meal. You feel less bloated after a week.

I wasn’t ovulating. Now I am. Naturally. I learned my triggers for bloat. My body feels toxic with too many carbs. And while I know that “correllation doesn’t equal causation” I don’t consider it a coincidence that dropping refined sugar – with a cheat here and there – was simultaneous to dropping sugar and starting on PCOS supplements. I feel mentally and physically balanced.

It’s been a wonderful experience. Becky has given us tactics and supplements to use. The women have traded information on what works for them. The suggestions are medically backed up. What I most enjoy is the comraderie that has come out of such a terrible syndrome – the not feeling alone in this crazy world of PCOS – is simply validating.

-Lucy B.

Screen%20shot%202013 02 07%20at%204.18.23%20PM What Are Women Saying

I joined the program because I was tired of doctors telling me that the only solution to fixing my PCOS was through medication. I tried that route and got very sick. I don’t want anything in my body that isn’t natural or healthy. This program takes a completely natural approach by incorporating vitamins and nutritional food that helps reverse PCOS. I’ve learned an incredible amount about PCOS that my doctor and specialist never told me.

When I started this program I had two main goals. I wanted my body to ovulate naturally and lose weight. I haven’t lost much weight yet, but I’ve seen amazing changes in my reproductive health. For three years I have tested my ovulation every month and have never had a postitive test. That changed last month! Not only did I show signs of ovulation last month, but I now have a regular cycle that isn’t nearly as painful as it used to be. This is huge and truly life changing!

Becky and our group of CROWN girls have been my biggest inspiration! Although, we’ve all never met in person, I genuinely love each of them. We celebrate each other’s triumphs and help each other navigate through difficulties. They are such an inspiration to me!

I LOVE the meal plans! This might be what I’ve loved most. I had my reservations about some of the meals, but I trusted Becky so I jumped in. There hasn’t been a meal I didn’t enjoy. The recipes satisy every craving and incorporate the RIGHT type of foods so you feel satisfied.

I’ve loved being a part of the PCOS CROWN program. Becky truly leads by example by living her life the same way she asks you to. The program isn’t just a set of guidelines or rules, but a complete new way of life. It’s provided me a new outlook on food and overall health/wellness. I thought I was healthy before, but the program really taught me what MY body needs in particular. It took all of the guess work out of my diet and nutrition.

I absolutely recommend this program to other women! I would encourage every woman dealing with PCOS to really give their body a chance to heal itself. Medicine is not always the answer. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we think. Trust Becky. Trust the program. I promise your body will thank you!

-Natalia C.

img 3 What Are Women Saying

Prior to joining Becky’s Crown PCOS group I was at the loosing end of a very long, tiring, and stressful battle. I had so many questions about PCOS and was getting very little answers. I was seeing a doctor that was giving me some answers but not the ones I was really hoping for. I was getting tired of being poked and prodded. My doctor said I needed to watch my sugar and my weight take this pill and that, do this but not that. My weight went down; sure did my wallet weight. I was starting to feel helpless I was always going to the doctors paying my copay and not seeing any results. I was getting so frustrated, I prayed on it finally when I got a call from my doctor saying that they denied my surgery because fertility issues is not covered by the insurance. After I said my short prayer I was surfing my Google homepage and noticed that WVEC had an article on PCOS. It was Becky! I couldn’t believe it some one was fighting PCOS just like me and was winning with out the constant poke and prodding of the doctors by watching certain foods. I couldn’t believe it. I called her and spoke to her about how she helps others just like me. I was scared when she said that she did group sessions I’m not very good with groups, but I wanted to beat this so I signed up for it. Since joining I’ve gained weight (wallet weight)! No more copays! The meal plans are amazing I’ve been given free reign to cook again. I feel more confident my hair is looking great and healthy again, and for once I don’t feel overly tired I finally have control to say I’m not going to eat those processed food I’m taking care of me. I’ve also made new friends from the group. There is a girl who is in our group and lives right down the road from me, we know the battle we’re dealing with, and we’re fighting it together I’m not alone and it feels wonderful! Joining Becky’s group has been great. I encourage anyone who feels as I have to join you have nothing to loose except the constant poking from the doctor and unanswered questions.

-Stefany E.

Screen shot 2012 12 06 at 11.05.38 PM What Are Women Saying

I’m loving the all natural healing process that helps me manage life with PCOS better & less painful icon smile What Are Women Saying  So thankful for finding this great coach & group program she offers to help people like me, she’s a true Godsend! Excited for the beginning of my new lifestyle, healthier, happier, and closer to our dream of having our own family…I’m sooo glad I made this decision icon smile What Are Women Saying Thanks Becky Miller!

-Crystal M.

You CAN see the same results as these women, it is my guarantee! To get started, contact Becky to schedule your complimentary ‘Getting To Know You’ session. This is the first step in making your PCOS goals and dreams a REAL possibility. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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